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Treating the skin from the “outside-in”

Corneotherapy is a skin treatment methodology based on the protection, repair, and maintenance of the outermost layer of skin (stratum corneum) and its defence systems at ALL times.

An extensive understanding of the skin is therefore key.

Unfortunately, many skincare ‘professionals’ are unintentionally creating or exacerbating skin barrier disorders by catering to clients who demand quick fixes i.e. chemical peels and other treatments to reveal ‘new skin’ and skincare products containing potentially harmful substances.

Skin cannot be corrected if the stratum corneum is not in balance. When the skin barrier is not in balance and is disrupted, it loses its ability to protect and defend itself and is no longer safeguarded from environmental stressors and pollution.

Whenever you see redness and inflammation in cases like Sensitised Skin, Dehydrated & Dry Skin, Eczema, Rosacea and other inflammatory disorders you will nearly always find that this inter-cellular matrix is depleted, impaired, the skin barrier is compromised and unable to perform effectively. By using Corneotherapy and a truly Corneotherapeutic skincare range, optimal skin health can be achieved. When the skin barrier is healthy and functioning efficiently skin conditions can be corrected and maintained more easily.

Corneotherapy avoids ingredients that can stress the skin – mineral oils, preservatives, fragrance, emulsifiers, and silicones.

My SkinFix Treatments at Dermaplus Clinic are based on the concept that every skin is different, and no two skins are the same; hence a blanket approach to skin care is often inappropriate.

My promise to you is to provide you no nonsense skin care advice that cuts through industry hype. I deliver practical, skin treatments that restore your skin without the invasive ‘trend’ treatments. Put it this way I’m the biggest skeptic of anything that smells of “hype”. Therefore I deliberately don’t offer you a long list of generic facials or follow set routines because we recognise that everyone’s skin is different, which means for you to experience the best long term results you need treatments that are individualised totally and specifically for you and your skins needs.

Skin conditions that I can help with are Ageing, Acne, Redness, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis. All my skincare products are Oncology safe.

A Skin Time Line Consultation will always be required if you are new to my clinic. This allows me to discuss the history of your skin, and the causes as to why your skin may not be happy.

The aim of our journey together is to make your skin healthy and happy!

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